Great Smoky Mountain Hot Air Balloon Festival

A week ago I went to the Great Smoky Mountain Hot Air Balloon Festival in Townsend, Tennessee. The balloons were beautiful, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Smokies. As the sunset over the Smokies the balloons lit up! And I even got to go for a ride in one of the balloons and can now check that off my bucket list! #photography #hotairballoons #bucketlist #photographyblog #nightphotography


This flowering plant (which I thought was a weed) grows along the roads here in Tennessee. It is a member of the daisy family ~ who knew? It is also the national emblem of Scotland!  #thistle #photography #blog #flowerphotograpy

Monarch Butterflies

Recently I went to the Butterfly Festival at the University of Tennessee Arboretum in Oak Ridge. Watching and photographing these beauties was an amazing experience.

They say the if you see one fly by you, it symbolized transformation and re-birth. They bring change, transformation and new opportunities.  Therefore, they say if you see a monarch butterfly flying around you – it just might be a sign that you need change.

Grassy Cove, Tennessee

Grassy Cove is an enclosed valley in Cumberland County, Tennessee. The valley has been designated as a National Natural Landmark because of its karst formation (sinkhole). It’s beautiful there and I have recently been there to take photos.