The Art of the Brick

“Art makes better humans, art is necessary in understanding the world and art makes people happy. Undeniably, art is not optional.”

Nathan Sawaya

When I was in Houston recently, I went to the Houston Museum of Natural History and I saw the most amazing LEGO exhibit called “The Art of the Brick” by Nathan Sawaya. He was a lawyer who loved building with Legos. He finally quit being a lawyer to be a LEGO artist and has been commissioned to do LEGO art all over the world. Below are some photo’s of his work.

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Fall Leaves

Had some fun shooting fall leaves in my yard and then did some black and white photos of falling leaves! #fall #leaves #naturephotography #photography #mybackyard #photoblog #blogger # blog

Music is Good for the Soul

Last night I was lucky enough to see @doobiebrothersofficial at @theryman. They played two full albums: Toulouse Street and the Captain and Me from beginning to end. I’m lucky that I grew up when people bought albums. I remember the excitement of listening to the whole album from beginning to end and really getting to see the talent and creativity of the artists. Not like today where most kids only know the hits from streaming them. It was a special evening and brought back many good memories. It was even more special when Michael McDonald joined them for the final song of the night. Patrick Simmons joked that the songs were from the 70s and they were now 70! Their songs have stood the test of time as have they. #doobiebrothers #therymanauditorium #musicisgoodforthesoul #luckygirl #anightofmemories #photography #photoblog

My Bargain Mum!

Late this past summer I bought a mum for $2 from Walmart that was in the clearance section of the garden department. I figured if it died, I wasn’t out any big dollars. Lo and behold the mum thrived and recently bloomed!

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